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San Francisco’s Premier IV Therapy & Wellness Service

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Investing in your health and wellness starts with optimal hydration and vitamins.

Here at Dryp IV Therapy, we provide exceptional IV vitamin, wellness, and aesthetic services customized for you. 

We welcome everyone and hope to create a community of healthy minds and bodies. Come in to see us, feel better and learn something.


IV Therapy Treatments

All infusions are $299 each and designed specifically for you.

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I just had my first visit for IV therapy today and left completely satisfied. Why doesn’t everyone get these! They make you feel incredible.

Dr. A was very patient and gentle with getting everything set-up and going. I feel so amazing, I’ll definitely be back for another round soon!
— Jourdain

Botox & Juvederm

A natural, refreshed look that is personalized to you.

I was referred to Dr. A through a friend and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Everyone thinks I look so much more rested.

He’s very personable and makes the experience very relaxing despite having needles pocked in my wrinkles and lines. I appreciate his willingness to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend visiting him!
— Cathy

Pain Management

Expertly integrating the best healing traditions of the East with the medical advances of the West.


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Before undertaking any infusions or treatments, Dr. A is happy to offer a brief consultation either face to face, over the phone, or online to determine the best course of treatment.

Please feel free to get in touch via the form, or call :

(650) 796-7194

We look forward to hearing from you!

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