About Dr. Ahluwalia (Dr. A)


Dr. A is a Stanford trained, board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management specialist. 

He also has advanced medical training in:

  • health & wellness

  • Cosmetic services including Botox,® Juvederm,® and Latisse®

Dr. A is passionate about health and wellness. He believes in combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine (Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) to create custom treatments.

He was faculty for 10 years at the Stanford University School of Medicine and taught numerous medical students and residents. He has received awards for excellence, research  and citizenship. 

Dr. A is an avid cyclist, skier, surfer, triathlete and enjoys traveling in the Bay Area and beyond! 

Dr. A created Dryp to help clients perform optimally. 

A Dryp (like an IV drip) is a precise infusion of fluids and vitamins that are administered intravenously.

Performance based therapy to optimize how you function.

Dr. A provides practical, safe, & integrative solutions. Designed for YOU. Personalized medicine with customized treatments.


Dr. A, a physician athlete, leads by example.