ERAS support for A+ Products

ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) Protocols are directed at improving patient outcomes- studies show decreased length of hospital stay and postoperative complication rates. 

ERAS focuses on pain management , mobility, nutrition, and patient engagement, and can lead to increased patient comfort and satisfaction. 

A+ focus on post op nutrition (and eventually build out to include mobility)

The impact of surgery on the metabolic and endocrine response is reduced leading to earlier recovery. Surgical stress impacts metabolic and endocrine systems, and nutrition can help reduce stress response. 

Nutrition plays a central role in ERAS 

You can start A+ morning after surgery or as directed by your surgeon. 

Excludes raw veggies, fresh fruit, tough, fibrous meats, no fried foods, no dessert. FOCUS on soft, easily digestible foods. 

The perioperative period is a state characterized by intense emotional and physiological (surgical) stress, pain, inflammation, immune suppression, negative nitrogen balance and insulin resistance. the perioperative stress response invokes the synergistic influence of up regulation of the HPA axis (IL- 1, IL-6, TNF-a), the sympathetic nervous system, loco- systemic PG production and systemic cytokine release. This combined response can lead to immune suppression, and altered immune responses. 

Goal is a return baseline as fast as possible. with cancer patients, a return to baseline to allow further therapy is vital and shown to improve outcomes. Improve functional status and hasten functional recovery through food and improved nutrition.