Surgical Wellness and an A+ Recovery

Surgery is a stressful time on your body and you want to optimize your recovery. Using data from ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), Dr. A has developed a post operative nutrition program to help your tissues heal. 

A+ Recovery foods are designed to reduce the stress response from surgery and provide your body with the ingredients it needs to regain strength. 

Ingredients were chosen to add proteins, anti- oxidants, reduce inflammation, provide energy and add fiber to help your bowels move. 

 A+ Recovery Foods are:

  • Gluten free

  • Non-dairy, plant-based

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Minimally processed

  • Non-GMO

  • Nut free

A+ Recovery Products include:

  1. Mousse (a cool, soft food)

    Start slow with this soft diet that includes - plant based proteins (pea), turmeric, chia seeds, hempseed, cocao, aloe, monkfruit. Comes in a ready to eat, 4 oz jar. Dr. A recommends a 5 day course, 2 jars/day. 

    The mousse comes in a 10 jar pack, priced at $100.

  2. Boosted Bone Broth

    Warm up with this clear bone broth with added turmeric. Comes in a ready to warm 8 oz jar. Dr. A recommends a 5 day course, 2 jars/day. 

  3. Coming Soon - Boosted Teas!

Dr. A also recommends a series of 3 IV infusions to help with your recovery from surgery. 

This broth is absolutely delicious! I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I definitely feel great drinking it (gentle on the tummy, helping me feel rehydrated, a great first food after the empty tummy and meds, everything). I can’t thank you enough!! A+ grade from me!
— Candice
Very tasty and know it’s really good for me going to try one every day
— Sandra
As for the mousse, I liked it! In fact in was pretty much the only thing I ate for the first few days (after surgery)
— Jess
Thank you again for the chia pudding. It was very satisfying. It definitely filled me up... I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet or too flavorful. The turmeric and chocolate combo was great.
— Hanna
Dr. A has had a large positive impact on my life and energy. I began seeing him in preparation for a back surgery (double disk rupture) resulting from a sports injury.

He gave me a nutrient infusion before and after the surgery and guided me through the appropriate recommended healing nutrition and physical therapy. And, my surgeon said the healing was miraculous, I benefited from Dr. A’s interest in using nutrition for healing.
— Richard